Teknopark Istanbul


As Teknopark Istanbul, our purpose is to create an ecosystem that supports R&D activities, innovation and technological production with the services we offer and these developments directly trigger entrepreneurship and the economy.


  1. "Being the center of scientific and technological innovations that will add value to humanity with our stakeholders"
  2. Contributing to the national innovation ecosystem
  3. Accelerating the process of transformation into an information society
  4. Contributing to transforming academic and scientific studies into high-tech products
  5. Encouraging entrepreneurship skills and growth of companies operating in the focus technology areas
  6. Maintaining an interaction between the science and business world


"To be the leading Teknopark of our region by providing an environment for the development of creative ideas and projects"

  1. To be the address of the R&D and Excellence Centers to be established in critical technologies for our country
  2. Creating a new model for innovation and economic development
  3. Being a respected brand, recognized in the international arena
  4. Creating an international business and trade center with a high standard of living
  5. Quickly turning ideas into products and brands