Collaboration Development

It conducts awareness and promotion studies regarding activities of TTO while performing Industry-Industry Collaboration and Technopark-Industry Collaboration studies in accordance with the potential of Teknopark Istanbul.

Industry-Industry Collaboration Model

  • Identifying the needs of our stakeholders and researching companies, inside and outside of Teknopark Istanbul, which may provide for these needs.
  • Sharing collaboration demands from Teknopark Istanbul with stakeholders and organizing B2B meetings in accordance with feedback.
  • Gathering stakeholders in regard to Industry-Industry collaboration and ensuring collaboration.
  • Gathering companies in regard to high technology or high cost projects and formation of company partnerships which may compete internationally.

Technopark-Industry Collaboration Model

  • Arranging visits to R&D centers and companies outside of Teknopark Istanbul and identifying their needs.
  • Assessing of demands from outside of Teknopark Istanbul and sharing them with TTO Connection Officials. 
  • Organizing B2B meetings in accordance with feedback from TTO Connection Officials.
  • Setting a course after solidification of Industry-Industry collaboration and founding associated companies if necessary.

Promotion, Awareness and Information Activities

  • Conventionalization of new technologies and use of technology, informing stakeholders regarding issues such as R&D systematic.
  • Ensuring recognition of Teknopark Istanbul TTO by technology development areas, universities, industrial and business world, organizing various promotion, information and training activities to create awareness of this subject.
  • Conducting qualified trainings and information studies to increase awareness especially regarding Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, project planning/management, national/international grant and support programs, University-Industry collaboration, Industry-Industry collaboration, entrepreneurship and incorporation.
  • Informing relevant stakeholders and companies that operate in Teknopark Istanbul regarding grant and support programs and conducting trainings.
  • Sharing cooperation demands from inside and outside of Teknopark Istanbul with stakeholders and ensuring solid collaboration by organizing meetings.